Community Safety

Everyone wants to live in a community in which they feel safe. Luckily for us, Grovenor is just such a community. Glance into Grovenor at any given time and one will likely see kids playing, dogs walking, and neighbours talking. This is not to say we are trouble free, but it does make our neighbourhood one where an ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure.  Help us look after our community! It takes everyone to ensure our community remains a beautiful and safe place to live.

Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention Tips

Neighbourhood Watch


Issues Currently Affecting Grovenor:


Crime Prevention:

Though, the crime rate is relatively low, many of the crimes committed in Grovenor are opportunistic meaning thieves take advantage of unlocked doors or unkempt properties.  Below are some tips for reducing your risk of being a target of crime.
  •     Get to know your neighbours
  •     Lock your doors – this includes house, car, and garage
  •     Keep valuables out sight, or better yet out of your vehicle completely when parked, especially on the street
  •     Install motion sensor lights and/or keep outside lights on at night
  •     Maintain your yard and property in good repair.
  •     Report suspicious activity to the non-emergency line 780-423-4567

Crime Prevention Tips:

An important part of making sure we are not victims of crime is awareness.  To keep yourself knowledgeable about the latest fraud schemes by visiting Fraudcast.  This informative site provides details on current fraud taking place across the country, in the province or, right here in Edmonton. 

Neighbourhood Watch: 

Grovenor has recently reactivated its Neighbourhood Watch program. If you would like to be a part of it or want more information please contact
Stay tuned for details on our next Community Crime meeting.
If you’re looking for information on the type or frequency of crimes in our neighbourhood you can log on to the Edmonton Police Service crime map
Report All Suspicious Activity to the Police Non-Emergency Line @ 780-423-4567
For a downloadable copy of this site, click here.


Issues Currently Affecting Grovenor:


The term "Dial-a-dopers" gets its name from how dealers deliver the drugs directly to the buyer. In all cases, the dealers would use cellphones and cars as a way to organize the delivery.

They operate an awful lot like a pizza delivery service. A user calls in an order to a cell phone and the dealer delivers - right to your front door if you want it. And like the proverbial pizza, they'll deliver anything a customer wants - with crack cocaine and heroin being the local drugs of choice.__When police bust a dial-a-doper they usually recover a small quantity of drugs. Dealers carry small amounts and then go back to a distributor when they run out.

Police outlined the following recommendations for people if they spot suspicious activity in their neighbourhood:

  • Don't put yourself in danger.
  • If possible, take note of the license plate, vehicle description, people involved, time of day, and location.
  • Contact local police at 423-4567 or report the information to your local community station.


Garage Break-Ins

These break-ins are often crimes of opportunity. Unlocked doors make easy entry for would-be theives. The criminals will often be cruising alleys on bicycle after dark. If you observe suspicious activity of this nature record as many details of the person, their transportation, and their location as possible and contact the police non-emergency line at 780-423-4567.


Vehicle Break-Ins

Again, many vehicle break-ins are crimes of opportunity. More often than not in our neighbourhood the theft occurs from cars left unlocked, even if parked in a garage.  These are also crimes of guaranteed payoff. Leaving valuables or cash in your vehicle increases the chance your car will become a target. Remember sometimes it is also a crime of desperation so even a few coins left in view will be enough to entice a desperate thief. Report these incidents to the police non-emergency line at 780-423-4567.


Vehicle Theft





Graffiti, though not dangerous, can be one of the more frustrating crimes to be the victim of. The frustration of repairing the damage to personal property can be worse than any monetary cost involved. The Edmonton Police Service recommends you remove graffiti as quickly as possible to reduce the temptation to other unvited artists to add more.
If you see graffiti on public community property such as the park or the hall report it to the Community League Neighbourhood Watch representative by phone or by email.


Nuisances Property

Any property that is untidy, unsightly, offensive, dangerous or interferes with the use or enjoyment of a property is a nuisance.
Nuisances may include:
  • Uncut grass
  • Weeds
  • Wrecked, dismantled, abandoned, unregistered or uninsured vehicles
  • Standing pools of water
  • Smelly compost heaps
  • Dense dust or smoke from fire pits
  • Untidy garbage storage
  • Accumulation of construction materials, tires, auto parts and litter

 To report a nuisance property contact the City of Edmonton through their 311 service. To report a derelict building (uninhabited and in disrepair) call 780-944-5799 and the City will inspect the property investigate its status.